Rubber To Metal Bonded

Product Description:

PRC is expertise in the design and manufacturing of Engine Mountings,Body Mountings and Anti-Vibration Mountings. We have a Wide range of Engine and Body Mountings for the Automotive Sector and Anti Vibration Mountings for the Industrial and Engineering  Sector.

Technical Specifications for a Typical Engine Mounting

1. Spring Constant In   Direction ‘S’ Shall Be 18kg/mm. At 130 kg load shall be 35kg/mm+-15%.

2. Loss Factor in Direction ‘S’ Shall be 130kg and more than 0.08 in 10 HZ.

3. Dynamic Spring Constant in Direction ‘S’ a. 130kg+-1 kg,  25kg/mm in 10 HZb.130 kg +-0.5 kg, 46 kgs/mm in 100 HZ.

4. Static Load in Each Directions, Measure the Characteristics of Deflections(Measuring Range)Direction ‘P’ -150~ +400 kg Direction ‘Q’      -100~ +100 kg Direction ‘R’ 0~ +100kg.

Rubber To Metal Bonded

Front Engine Mounting
Front Engine Mounting
Body Mounting
Mounting C type
Rocket type
Front Strut Mounting LH & RH
Upper Arm Bush
Metal Bonded
Rear Engine Mounting
Suspension Buffer
Gear box mounting
Mounting B Type
Gear Box Mounting